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About Navigate

Navigate NC State, formerly known as Student Success GPS, is a suite of advising tools combining advising services, real-time data, analytics, and reporting to help advisors identify students in need of support and provide early interventions. Provost Warwick Arden invested in this system in 2015 as a commitment towards improving advising services across campus through analytics and workflow functionality critical to advising and student services. These tools advance a proactive advising model at NC State and include the functionality outlined below.

Watch a brief video that highlights how you can use Navigate!

An advising and tutoring platform that features:

  • Advising/tutoring reports and notes to document interactions with students and other relevant information
  • Appointment scheduling and appointment campaigns to streamline scheduling with students, including reminder emails and text message to students
  • Front desk operations for check-in (including self-service and card swipe) and scheduling
  • Progress reporting that allows faculty to provide updates and identify students who may be in need of additional support
  • Cases and alerts to provide coordinated care on behalf of a student
  • Advising indicator calculated for each student based on NC State student success data
  • Powerful search tools that enable proactive identification of students who might be in need of additional support and targeted communications
  • A robust feed from NC State’s Student Information System (SIS) that includes academic and demographic information
  • Reporting tools to track individual and aggregate advisor/tutor activity

A student interface that features:

  • Ability to schedule appointments with advisors, tutors, and other campus support staff
  • Shared notes, messages, and appointment reminders
  • Mobile app (Navigate Student) featuring course schedule with maps, resources, and tasks need to stay on the path to academic success

An analytics and institution reporting platform that features:

  • Aggregate data for key academic administrators based on 10 years of data in each discipline
  • Population health dashboards that allow advisors and administrators to identify opportunities to impact targeted student populations and track progress on improving key performance indicators
  • Activity dashboards that illustrate advising/tutoring activity and student communications