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Advising Technology Partnerships

Departments and programs across campus are partnering with the Office of Advising Technology to carry out student success projects and reach students in new and exciting ways.

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Partnership Highlights

Student Success & Engagement Librarian, Laura Fontaine with the University Libraries, partnered with Advising Technology to utilize Navigate to push out targeted appointment campaigns to connect incoming transfer students with their new Personal Librarian Program. In the first two semesters of the program’s inception, the libraries were able to provide 116 new transfer students with personalized outreach and connections to various campus resources. Additionally, “calendar syncing has made scheduling appointments easier, quicker, and more flexible for students” explained Fontaine. 

Director of the Academic Success Center, Barbie Windom, shared that Navigate has enabled “students to schedule and manage their tutoring appointments.” Beyond scheduling, the ASC “also uses it for students to log drop-in attendance, for tutors and mentors to create summary reports, and for staff to track assessment data.” Navigate has also enhanced the ACS’s ability to share information with campus partners, “it allows broad campus communication since advisors can view their students’ use of Academic Success Center services.”  Windom notes, “Overall, [Navigate] has had a tremendous positive impact on our efficiency and flexibility.”

The Intra-College Transfer (ICT) Program leveraged the virtual referral network in Navigate to seamlessly connect prospective ICT students to the program. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the program received 96 student referrals through Navigate.

The Office of Advising Technology partnered with Associate Deans and EMAS to evaluate transfer GPA variances for incoming transfer students. The project looked at the difference between first-term GPA at NC State and their cumulative GPA at their transfer institution. In collaboration with DASA Assessment and college liaisons, we were able to leverage data to identify transfer students who could benefit from additional support and inventions.

The main goal of the initiative is to encourage faculty-led, focused institutional research that supports data-driven decision-making through the use of Institution Reports in the Navigate NC State platform and additional institutional data as needed.

  • Analytics Project Highlight: As part of a broader departmental initiative to improve student retention, facilitate progress towards a degree, and enhance academic experience, we are proposing to investigate curriculum bottlenecks, inefficiencies in course sequencing, and related impediments to academic success for political science B.A. majors matriculated in 2009-2013.” – Dr. Dmitri Mitin and Ms. Susan Lawhead, in the Department of Political Science in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, awardees in 2020-2021.