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Kasey Harris

Program Specialist for Training and Assessment


Holmes Hall 202


Technology Quick Tip:
One of my favorite tips would be using headings in Google (or Word) documents. It helps make them more accessible and easier to navigate. 

Favorite NC State Ice Cream Flavor/Treat:
Wolf Tracks. I love little peanut butter cups!

Favorite spot on NC State’s campus: 
I love the Phytotron, or greenhouses next to Bostian Hall. Seeing all the interesting plants and a nice quiet place to walk around on a short break is super cool. 

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a _______ when I grew up. 
I wanted to be a doctor, specifically a gynecologist or psychiatrist. Later in life, I learned chemistry was not for me, and I went on to study history and education.

Contact me about…
Navigate Training and User Updates, as well as Navigate support including appointment campaigns, reporting, referrals, and assessment